Queerable is the online destination for LGBTQ+ individuals looking for all things gay culture, lifestyle, and news. We strive to provide informative content while championing the stories of queer humans – both well-known legends and grassroots activists alike. Queerable is helping create a brighter future where everyone feels empowered, celebrated, and connected.

Our Team

Cody (he/him) is the Founder of Queerable. He enjoys marketing and building helpful websites, and decided to create Queerable in 2023. He and his partner have been together for five years!

Connor (they/them) is a contributor at Queerable. Connor has multiple degrees in Performing Arts in Music, Theatre, and Dance, and has experience professionally in stage acting and film acting. In their spare time, Connor performs in drag as Asher Alexander, who has performed in various venues in Minnesota, North Dakota, and is currently located in Las Vegas.

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