Drag Brunch Seattle

Best Places for Drag Brunch in Seattle

Drag brunch has been around in one form or another for decades, and continues to be a good time no matter where you are in the world. Every weekend you can expect a brunch show happening at a local gay bar, and Seattle, Washington is hitting the spot!

But first… what is a drag brunch?

A drag brunch is a popular form of entertainment and social event that combines a classic brunch meal with live performances by drag queens. These events are typically characterized by high energy, comedy, singing, dancing, and dramatic costuming that is synonymous with drag culture. In a drag brunch, attendees enjoy a menu of traditional brunch items like eggs benedict, pancakes, mimosas, or Bloody Marys, while being entertained by drag performers who might lip-sync to popular songs, engage the audience in humorous banter, or even involve attendees in interactive performances.

In this article, we will break down the most popular bars and restaurants that cater specifically to drag bunches – in the coffee capital of the United States, Seattle. Let’s begin!

Mimosas & Cabaret 

Considered Seattle’s best drag brunch in the city, Mimosas & Cabaret is located at Unicorn & Narwhal which are two carnival themed bars with Seattle’s longest running drag brunch, but also an award-winning drag brunch!

Mimosas & Cabaret has drag brunch every Sunday, with doors opening at 1pm, and shows starting at 1:30pm with shows ending at 4pm. Mimosas & Cabaret is 21+, and with tickets pricing at $30, at $35.64 after tax and fees. With your ticket, your first mimosa is only $2, and there is assigned seating based on the venue space with the number of tickets purchased; Brunch menu is $15. Tickets are not refundable or exchangeable, and the venue is wheelchair accessible.

Mimosas & Cabaret is known for putting on high production shows with lights, sounds, choreography, props, and costumes. Their shows consist of taking Broadway hit musicals like Sister Act, Willy Wonka, and others and giving them a dragtastic twist. Mimosas & Cabaret identifies as brunch theater, with the first half of the show featuring burlesque and solo performances, and the second half of the show featuring their mini musical adaptations.

Tickets: $30



Unicorn & Narwhal
1118 E. Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98122

Le Faux

Considered the second best drag brunch in Seattle, Le Faux productions is located at Julia’s on Broadway bar, Le Faux is a high production show called Throwback Brunch with lights, sound, and choreography. Le Faux productions is known for their high camp, and over the top performances from queens and burlesque performers. They feature throwback music, with comedy routines, dance routines, and illusions.

For brunch, Julia’s on Broadway offers bottomless mimosas, with a breakfast menu that averages between $17-$21 on entrees. Doors and dining open at 12pm, with the full show starting at 1pm and ending by 2:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday. VIP tickets are $45.95, and General Admission tickets are $35.95.

VIP: $45.95
GA: $35.95


Julia’s on Broadway
300 Broadway Ave E.
Seattle, Washington, 98102

Dreamland Bar & Diner

Step into another world at Dreamland Bar and Diner. With disco ball ceiling decor, and art deco walls, Dreamland is the perfect place to escape your normal day to day bar.

Dreamland features a covered patio drag brunch called Dream Girls every Saturday, with doors opening at 11:30 am, with shows starting at 12:00 pm. 

Shows feature all local drag performers, with special appearances from Irene the Alien from RuPauls Drag Race season 15. Dreamland has $1 bills on hand in exchange for bigger bills to tip their performers, and their show is 18+ friendly. General Admission tickets price at $15, with premium seating tickets pricing at $25 for parties between 2 to 6 people.

GA: $15
Premium Seating: $25

Dreamland Bar & Diner in Fremont
3401 Evanston Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103


Kamp Social House is a home good feel bar and dining establishment with a modern flare. They advertise themselves as “A little something for everyone”, and when you see their signature food and drink menu, along with their regular brunch shows and advertised events, you will think the same thing!

Kamp Brunch is a bi-weekly show every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, with all local and regular performers with a host; expect a variety of beauty queens, comedy, and dancing. Kamp Brunch also includes a DJ to keep the good vibes going before and after the show.

Kamp Brunch has their doors open at 12 pm, with their shows starting at 1 pm and ending at 3pm. Kamp Social House has free street parking, and tickets are $15 a person which does not include food and drinks.





Kamp Social House at Madison Valley
2800 E. Madison St
Seattle, Washington 98112

Taqueria Cantina

Taqueria Cantina is LGBTQ+ owned eatery and bar in Seattle, Washington with two locations – Downtown, and Belltown. Their drink menu is in the $13 – $16 range, with their food menu in the $17 – $27 range.

Taqueria Cantina offers weekend brunches every Saturday (Belltown) and Sunday (Downtown) with their doors opening at 11 am, and shows starting at 12:30 pm and ending at 2 pm. Tickets are $13.89 for either show, however… If you show up without a reservation, tickets are $25; If you arrive after 12:15 your seat will be forfeited as well.

With purchasing a ticket, you will need to also purchase an entree, if you do not order food, a $15 fee will be applied to your bill. If you cancel your reservation late or are a no show, you will be charged a $25 fee too. There may be a few various costs to seeing their show, but ticket costs do go towards paying for their DJ.


$13.89 per person for a reservation



2630 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

89 University St
Seattle, WA 98101

Shontay or Sashay Seattle?

Whether you are there for the coffee, or for the space needle, it is safe to say that Seattle, Washington has a lovely variety of drag brunches ranging from high production musical shows, to your friendly neighborhood bar shows. There is camp, beauty, dance, and lots of alcohol no matter where you visit for drag brunch. Seattle is known for having high-profile queens from RuPauls Drag Race, such as Irene the Alien, Bendelacreme, and Jinx Monsoon to name a few so you know the performers there are bringing in the heat and talent., Will you be making your reservation to Seattle?

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