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What Happened to Richard Simmons? [2024]

Richard Simmons is a renowned American fitness instructor, actor, and video producer who rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s with his high-energy personality and flamboyant exercise videos. Richard Simmons is best known for his “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” series, a collection of aerobic workout videos set to classic pop songs. These videos have sold millions of copies worldwide. Simmons’ approach to fitness is unique in combining humor, enthusiasm, and an inclusive attitude, encouraging individuals of all fitness levels to participate. Simmons’ larger-than-life personality and genuine empathy for those struggling with weight issues made him a beloved figure in the fitness and television industries.

Despite his retreat from the public eye in recent years, he remains a well-known and influential figure in the world of health and fitness… but people are still asking: what happened to Richard Simmons?

The Early Years of Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons was born Milton Teagle Simmons on July 12, 1948, in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a child, he struggled with his weight, which significantly influenced his later career. Simmons was the son of a master of ceremonies and a traveling fan dancer, which may have contributed to his theatrical flair. He attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, then moved to New York City to work in advertising, fashion illustration, and cosmetics. However, his own struggles with weight and an eventual move to Los Angeles led to his realization of a gap in the fitness industry – a space where those with significant weight to lose could feel welcome. This understanding spurred him to open his gym, Slimmons, in Beverly Hills in 1974. This gym was a key stepping stone in his journey to becoming a world-renowned fitness icon.

Richard Simmons’ Rise To Fame

The golden years of Richard Simmons’ career can be traced back to the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s and 90s, when his effervescent personality and unique approach to fitness captured the attention of millions. His workout videos, notably the “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” series, became a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless people to start their fitness journeys. The videos featured Simmons leading aerobic routines set to upbeat pop and rock ‘n roll music, and his genuine enthusiasm and inclusivity made him stand out in the fitness industry. Simmons also became a frequent guest on talk shows and news programs, spreading his message of health and positivity. In addition to his videos, he wrote numerous books and even had his own Emmy Award-winning talk show, “The Richard Simmons Show,” which aired in the early 1980s. His flamboyant style, heartfelt motivation, and unwavering dedication to helping those struggling with weight loss made him one of the most influential fitness figures of his time.

Before Richard Simmons stepped back from the public eye in 2014, his later career was still filled with the energetic enthusiasm that had been a hallmark of his brand. He continued to make appearances on various television programs and was still deeply involved in his weight loss and fitness endeavors. He leveraged his fame to reach a wider audience, launching new workout DVDs and continuing to support individuals on their weight loss journeys. Notably, he introduced “Project H.O.P.E. (Health, Optimism, Passion, Energy)” in 2012, a weight loss program combining exercise DVDs, meal plans, and motivational coaching. Simmons also used his platform to advocate for healthier school lunches and combat childhood obesity. His dedication to promoting health and well-being remained undiminished throughout these years, reflecting his enduring commitment to helping others improve their fitness.

Richard Simmons released a whimsical music video called “Hair Do” in 2013, which showcased his vibrant personality and sense of fun. The video was part of a larger project, in which he released a trio of singles aiming to motivate people to exercise through music. “Hair Do” stood out due to its light-hearted lyrics that humorously celebrated different hairstyles, a theme that perfectly matched Simmons’ flamboyant and playful nature. The video featured Simmons wearing a range of wigs and hairpieces, passionately singing and dancing along to the upbeat pop track. Though not a conventional workout video, “Hair Do” was an example of how Simmons continued to engage his audience in unique and entertaining ways, even after decades in the public eye.

Richard Simmons’ Departure from the Public Eye

Richard Simmons’ decision to step away from the public eye in 2014 was a surprising turn for the highly energetic and public figure. His retreat was so abrupt that it sparked a slew of conspiracy theories, speculation, and concern among fans and the media alike. However, through representatives and occasional phone interviews, Simmons reassured the public that he was simply taking a well-deserved break. After decades of being a public personality, he felt the need for solitude and personal space. He insisted that there was no scandal, no dramatic health issue, but merely a choice to live a quieter, more private life after years in the limelight. Despite his withdrawal from public view, Simmons’ impact on the fitness industry and his legacy of promoting inclusivity, positivity, and health remains significant.

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