What Is the Deal with Carrot Top? Is He Gay?!

“Some people even think I wear a wig. Do they think I went into a salon one day and said, “Can you please screw this up really bad?” A famous quote from the internationally recognized stand-up comedian, television, and film actor Carrot Top. Most people have heard of Carrot Top, but many people might not know his extensive career in entertainment, his background, and the rumors surrounding his sexuality. Is he Gay? Is he Straight? What’s the deal with Carrot Top? In this article, we will break down the iconic comedian’s career, personal life as we know it, and his current Las Vegas Residency… Lets begin!

Who is Carrot Top?

We all know Carrot Top as the comedian, but did you know Carrot Top’s original carrer plan was Marketing? That’s right, Mr. Funny man himself originally attended Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida for his undergrad in Marketing in his younger years; would you have hired him?

Carrot Top, legally known as Scott Thompson was born February 25th 1965 (age 58, Pisces) in Rockledge, Florida, but he grew up in Cocoa, Florida – which is known for their outer space industry. Carrot Top’s parents are Larry Thompson who was a NASA engineer, Donna Thompson, and his brother Garrett Thompson. Carrot Top graduated high school in 1983 from Cocoa High School. Carrot Top participated in Marching band, and Concert band playing the drums; Carrot Top also participated in his high school’s swimming team, where his nickname was given to him by his coach. In the 80’s, Carrot Top worked as a Courier for a mortgage company and eventually enrolled in college where he got his first professional, “break through” stand-up gig replacing Sam Kinison, who died in a car accident in 1992. Thus, a star was born.

The Man, the Legend, and a Myth?

Carrot Top has had an extensive career in entertainment. Aside from comedy, Carrot Top has been in multiple television and film programs. His most famous appearances on screen have been on Larry the Cable Guy Christman Spectacular 2007), Gene Simmons Family Jewels (2007), Criss Angel Mindfreak (2005), Scrubs (2001), Reno 911 (2006), The Hangover (2009), and Sharknado 4 (2016). Carrot Top has also won the award for Funniest Male Stand-Up Comedian in 1994 via the American Comedy Awards. Now, to the comedy and the skeptism of his personal love life…

The Show in Las Vegas

If you ever plan to visit viva Las Vegas, make sure to check out Carrot Top’s stand-up comedy show at the Luxor hotel and casino! Since 2005, Carrot Top has had a Las Vegas residency through MGM International doing Prop Comedy – comedy done with props and funny objects, and Satire – Using Irony, and/or sarcasm to expose social structure, and people. His show consists of six trucks full of his show inventory he has invented, and typically will end his shows with a musical montage he lip-syncs to.

Carrot Top’s show typically runs for about 90 minutes, Monday through Saturdays starting at 8PM; his tickets range from $53 – $66 and almost always sell out. The Luxor also offers a separate ticket from the show that is a meet and greet with Carrot Top. The meet and greet is about $43 before taxes/fees, and includes an 8×10 photo of the comedian. Audiences for the meet and greet are expected to show up no later than 6:55PM with the meet and greet starting at 7PM sharp. The Luxor is located at 3900 South Las Vegas Boulavard; his show is at the Atrium Showroom.
Tickets and show information: https://www.vegas.com/shows/comedy/carrot-top-las-vegas

Is Carrot Top gay?

For a while, people have speculated that Carrot Top might be gay. He can be flamboyant, wears eyeliner, and wears rainbows on the regular. Many of his Instagram posts show him wearing rainbow hearts, and promoting pride, however, Carrot Top has never officially “come out”. 

Around 2014, Carrot Top started dating a Las Vegas woman named Amanda Hogan; around Spring 2015 was the time they appeared together in a social media post via Amanda. Amanda Hogan is a business owner, owning her own catering and event-planning company called Any Thyme Catering, which was founded in 2012. Amanda also sells hand-made tableware through Etsy. Amanda Hogan and Carrot Top have about an 18-year age difference. If you want to check out Amanda’s catering posts, or see photos of the couple when they were together, her Instagram handle is @anythymecatering. Carrot Top and Amanda Hogan are no longer together but are still friends according to Carrot Top’s post via Instagram on August 7th, 2023.

However… If you Google Carrot Top’s spouse, the name Craig Ferner comes up with an apparent marriage starting 2010. Not much is known about this person, other than an IMDb bio stating he is a television and film producer, and served the United States Air Force for a period of time. This is also a vague answer from Google, so do not take this speculation as serious.

Whether you believe Carrot Top is Gay, Bisexual, or just a flamboyant Straight man who loves wearing rainbows, all we can say is until he officially comes out, or addresses the rumor as false, we will never know and that is his business.

Here is the Deal with Carrot Top…

Here is the deal with the actor, the comedian, and the personality of Las Vegas icon Carrot Top. He might be Gay, he might be Straight. He might be goofy, he might be an oddball, but what can be said about Carrot Top, is that the man loves to make people laugh. He has a great relationship with his professional counterparts, with Las Vegas, and with his fans. Carrot Top does not care about what anyone says about him; he is comfortable in his body, and style, and just wants life to be fun. With an almost 40 year career, and a net worth of around $75 million, it is safe to say Carrot Top is one of the most, if not the most successful comedian of our time. If you get a chance, check out his television and film work, and if you are in Las Vegas, make sure to go to the Luxor Hotel and Casino to check out his legendary stand-up show; you will not be disappointed!

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